Little Chalfont Methodist Church, Chalfont Avenue, HP6 6RD

Running every Tuesday between 19th Apr – 24th May


St Andrews Church Lounge, Quickley Lane, Chorleywood, WD3 5AE

Running every Friday between 22nd Apr – 27th May

*alternative venue on Friday 20th May, please message for details

Fees per session in blocks of 5-7 weeks

1 child £7.50

1 child + sibling over 1yr £10

Siblings under 1yr No charge

Fees on a drop in basis

1 child £8

1 child + sibling over 1yr £12

Siblings under 1yr No charge

Who we are

Lizzie Mannion

Lizzie Mannion

Lizzie joined the Tick Tock in team in North Lond back in 2011, taking breaks along the way for studying and having a baby. Lizzie is a qualified Music Teacher, graduating from the UCL Institue of Education with a PGCE; she also gained a BMus in Music at King’s College London. She plays 6 musical instruments (some of them well) and enjoys sharing these sounds with our very young audiences.

Talia Ould

Talia Ould

Talia first joined the Tick Tock team in 2009. She trained at Mountview drama school and is an experienced musical theatre performer. When not singing, dancing and doing the splits at Tick Tock, Talia is the front woman of Counterflow, one of the UK’s most sought-after function bands.

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Little Chalfont Methodist Church Hall, Chalfont Avenue, HP6 6RD



St. Andrews Church, Quickley Lane, Chorleywood, WD3 5AE