Testimonials and Comments

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“What an enjoyable experience Tick Tock was – for me sometimes more than the kids. A fantastic mix of music drama and participation.”

Paul Whitehouse – Comedian

“There is a definite shortage of good children’s music groups in London. Tick Tock is a real find. I still sing the songs to my children despite the fact that we no longer live in N.1. If only Tick Tock could be expanded”

Jane Horrocks – Actress

“All in all I would thoroughly recommend Tick Tock to any parents who want to introduce their children to a more intelligent approach to music making and songs.”

Liz Thody – Fashion Director RED

“It was especially good to see these songs physicalised and with some lovely characterisations (and silly costumes!). It’s a lot of fun.”

Matilda Ziegler – Actress

“Everyone told me that Tick Tock was good but I was still surprised at just how good it is. I think the parents enjoy it as much as the children.”

Martine Oborne – Novelist

“My daughter Abigail is a Tick Tock addict! She knows all the songs and loves coming along to the classes. Excellent value and stimulating early years experience. Confidence building and inspiring for all little ones”

Dee Adams – Early Years Teacher

“Tick Tock is brilliant – the highlight of my children’s week. It’s always entertaining, inspirational and educational. Really encourages babies and toddlers to respond to music and movement and equally useful for mothers who can’t remember traditional nursery rhymes, let alone how to illustrate them..”

OIlie Picton Jones – Fashion Journalist

“Marvellous…brilliant fun…a great educational experience too.”

Fiona Knight – Journalist

“Tick Tock was a wonderful musical start for our children”

Tim Maby – BBC Journalist